BioG-Max NAD+

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Support metabolism, energy, and brain health with NAD+ - one of the body's chief “anti-aging” molecules. NAD+ is found in every cell of your body and involved in hundreds of processes surrounding healthy metabolism and optimal mitochondrial function. Because NAD+ levels drastically decline with age and exposure to the standard American lifestyle, BioG-Max NAD+ is a timely fit as part of an optimal lifestyle program. BioG-Max NAD+ pairs well with the Biogenetix Metabolic Clearing Kit and can be added seamlessly into any of the Biogenetix Plug-N-Play interventions.

BioG-Max NAD+:

  • Supports optimal mitochondrial function.
  • Promotes ideal levels of neurologic inflammation.
  • Supports optimal ATP-energy production.
  • Promotes decreased levels of oxidative stress.