ViraX Plus

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ViraX Plus Efficacy

You won’t find another product with as much natural antiviral support, period. Based on extensive literature, our robust blend of naturally occurring ingredients supports the upregulation of the innate immune system and amplifies its antiviral activity. 

Broad Spectrum Approach

ViraX Plus has a wide zone of effectiveness in that it utilizes a robust blend of nutrients instead of traditional single-nutrient single-action strategies. Because each person has their own unique version of innate immune system activity - the immune system you’re born with – variety in ingredients ensures compatibility with a wide range of patients.

Each ingredient has a key role in bolstering the body’s antiviral activity. Blended together in an optimal formula, ViraX Plus highlights both fat and water-soluble vitamins along with potent immune-stimulating herbs such as astragalus and olive leaf extract. Round out the approach with gentle elemental mineral support, and you have an antiviral juggernaut.

Because most immune support tends to be single-ingredient formulas, your patients will often find themselves using half a dozen products with lackluster results. By optimizing nutrient ratios, ViraX Plus offers an easy dosing strategy in a product that can act as a stand-alone or be paired with a Biogenetix immune support bundle.