Regen Support Kit Plus

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The Regen Support Kit Plus is a nutrient-rich program designed to support human cell and tissue procedures (HCT/Ps), the Regen Support Kit is uniquely designed to provide nutrition to enhance procedures that promote the reparative response of damaged, dysfunctional or injured tissue using HCT/Ps or other therapeutic agents. The nutrients contained in this kit provide cofactors that support tissue health.

The Regen Support Kit contains:

  • 2x BioG-Max PC
  • 1x BioG-Max C w/ R-Lipoic Acid
  • 1x Nexugen
  • 1x Instruction Brochure

BioG-Max PC (view product page)
Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) is the most predominant phospholipid building block of animal- and plant-cell membranes, and it's an integral part of the structure of circulating lipoproteins.

BioG-Max C w/ R-Lipoic Acid (view product page)
Biogenetix's BioG-Max C Liposomal Delivery System w/ R-Lipoic Acid is the most absorbable form of professional-grade Vitamin C.

Nexugen (view product page) is a cutting-edge option for those in need of joint support related to excess inflammation and metabolic syndrome. Pairing perfectly with the Regen Support Kit, Nexugen provides the essential tools to spark the very chemical process that is vital for tendon and ligament repair. Research shows that fat cells send messages (via leptin and other signaling molecules) to joint tissue cells. These messages can trigger a cascade of events that damage the health and integrity of joints, enhancing inflammation. Nexugen works by changing the “communication” between these cells, resulting in a more naturally healthy joint environment that can help you stay comfortable and active.

  • Supports healthy joints and optimal joint function
  • Promotes synovial cytokine control
  • Supports healthy inflammation management

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